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Collagen is your bodybuilder. A supplement that is now widely considered as necessary.

Only a few years ago, a lot of people had not heard of collagen. If they had heard of it, there was not a lot of serious consideration about collagen being a necessary supplement. When one mentioned supplements, usually the conversation would go toward minerals, vitamins, protein powder, some herbs, and there has been a special interest in creatine. With greater understanding, and also, the coming of high-grade collagen supplements into the market, people have become interested not only in collagen but also learned quite a bit about its different types. This interest is completely justified. For a lot of people, collagen has already become a supplement that they regularly take and can attest to the benefits they have derived.

So, let's begin this discussion by getting some very obvious things about collagen out of the way.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Its fiber-like structure is used to make connective tissue. As the name implies, this type of tissue connects other tissues and is a major component of bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. It helps to make tissues strong and resilient, able to withstand stretching.

In food, collagen is naturally found only in animal flesh like meat and fish that contain connective tissue. However, a variety of both animal and plant foods contain materials for collagen production in our own bodies.

Our bodies gradually make less collagen as we age, but collagen production drops most quickly due to excess sun exposure, smoking, excess alcohol, and lack of sleep and exercise. With aging, collagen in the deep skin layers changes from a tightly organized network of fibers to an unorganized maze. Environmental exposures can damage collagen fibers reducing their thickness and strength, leading to wrinkles on the skin’s surface.

Is it better to get collagen directly from food sources or from supplements?

You would always hear it said regarding nutrition, that it is better to get it from food sources as part of a healthy diet than to get it from a commercially mass-produced, market supplement. While there is some truth to this rule of thumb, say, in regards to the vitamins like A and D, supplements actually are better, concentrated, and more readily bio-available sources for our collagen needs.

If you are interested in foods rich in collagen, then, consider tough cuts of meat full of connective tissue like pot roast, brisket, and chuck steak. Collagen is also found in the bones and skin of fresh and saltwater fish.

Bone broth is a healthy food rich in collagen. The process involves simmering animal bones in water and a small amount of vinegar (to help dissolve the bone and release collagen and minerals) anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. However, the amount of amino acids will vary among batches depending on the types of bones used, how long they are cooked, and the amount of processing (e.g., if it is a packaged/canned version).

Gelatin is a form of collagen made by boiling animal bones, cartilage, and skin for several hours and then allowing the liquid to cool and set. The breakdown of these connective tissues produces gelatin. Collagen and its derivative, gelatin, are promoted on certain eating plans such as the paleo diet.

If you are interested in a collagen supplement, keep these things in mind

Collagen supplements are associated with several health benefits and very few known risks.

Supplements may increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, relieve joint pain, and improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

While other benefits may exist, most claims about weight loss, gut health, and brain health aren’t backed by research.

Although several foods contain collagen, it’s unknown whether these foods offer the same benefits as supplements.

Collagen supplements are generally safe, easy to use, and worth trying based on your health goals.

Some collagen supplement recommendations for you

Do watch these informative videos to learn about collagen and also support their channels


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