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Ergonomic office chairs - an investment for one's well-being worth making

Ergonomic is a word one used to hear a lot in the 90s. Of course, as more and more of the workforce started to work in offices, and much of the work started to shift to the indoors, ergonomic became an important word. Whether one was looking for a keyboard, a table, or a chair, or one was considering a complete workstation, ergonomic was the word every manufacturer put on the product description. Look, this is an ergonomic keyboard. This is an ergonomic chair. This workstation satisfies the requirement set out by ergonomics.
Surely, you have heard and come across this word. And, though it may not be as much of a buzzword these days, the concern over ergonomics is still quite valid. Let's define what ergonomics is, at the very outset.

an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely

— called also biotechnology, human engineering, human factors

Over the years, what constitutes an ergonomic design has undergone changes. What was considered an ergonomic chair 20 years ago is no longer considered a standard. Actually, it's difficult to say, there was a standard then, or if there is a standard now. What one needs to acknowledge is, that we have a better understanding now, than we did back then. So, the designs I see these days are actually superior to what I saw back then.

Surely, no matter how good the design, it is unhealthy to remain seated for long periods of time throughout the day. But the time one does spend seated should be such that good posture and comfort are not compromised. Otherwise, severe problems, particularly with the spine or with the hips can develop and be a source of pain and discomfort for years to come. So, let's remember, no matter how good the ergonomic chair is, remaining seated for long periods and not giving sufficient attention to exercise is a bad idea.

Now that we have all these matters out of the way, are you interested in looking at some ergonomic office chairs? I will share here active widgets of the ones I found most interesting. I will have considered factors such as price, user reviews, build quality, and of course, the design. I would have excluded hundreds of other options and narrowed it down to around 10 options. You will still come across those recommendations once you decide to visit Amazon. Some of these manufacturers would have their complete online stores on Amazon, and you could look at other models and colors if you so desire. One thing I would like to advise is this: Don't be of the mindset that saving $20 dollars is worth the compromise on quality; nor, be of the thinking that the most expensive chair is necessarily the best.

Alright, then, here are my recommendations.

Do keep one thing in mind, as you make your final choice. Take a look at how much weight the chair is designed to support. This would be easily a consideration for a man vs. a woman in most cases. If you are a tall and muscular man, but find yourself interested in a chair better suited to a light woman, obviously you should get the one that suits your body structure. You could give the other chair as a gift to the woman you love, of course.

Some informative videos that can help you make a good decision


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